white lotusEver since the news of my book went viral in India, I have been inundated with requests to file criminal charges. I even get would-be official letters from unnamed officials on plain paper containing unsigned subtle threats – the same message being circulated in the media.

Whatever I do, I must consider my personal safety.

In my opinion, in the modern world, legal justice is not about dharma but about who has more money, the better lawyers and more influence. It is about the collusion of personal interests, business, politics, fame and power. Such legal procedures can drag on for decades affecting all parties involved, whether winners or losers. I am not interested in participating in that kind of justice. I believe in higher forms of justice and karma.

Thus, in spite of all the confusion and constant solicitation, I feel the need to state once again what I have already mentioned in the Tehelka article as well as in the Kairali People TV interview :

1. Everything I have written in my book “Holy Hell” is the absolute truth and I stand by my words 100%.
2. It is my personal story and covers twenty years spent as personal attendant to my ex-Guru. I have simply shared “some” of what I witnessed and experienced.
3. The book was also written as a warning to spiritual seekers about the dangers of blind faith. The focus of my life has always been about spiritual lessons and evolving as a human being.
4. I do not seek punishment for any individuals or institutions. I am not on any crusade.
5. My book is not an attack on any person, institution, country or religion. My personal story is told from within the context of my life, from the setting of my surroundings and its functioning.
6. I have no religious, nor political, nor judicial agenda or affiliations.
7. I have acted on my own impulse and on my own conscience, and am not in concert with any other person or organization.
8. I love India, Indians, Hinduism, not exclusively of course. In fact, I dedicated twenty years of my life to the same.

India is a Rights-based country, the largest democracy in the world and can boast itself of a dynamic and strong civil society. Therefore, it has all the necessary institutions in place to ensure a healthy and legally functioning society in which institutions are accountable and individuals protected. Let any person or any legal body who seeks clarity and transparency do so in their own name. My little person is not needed for that. I am looking after myself and my own actions. I am not responsible for the right actions or the wrong-doings of the world.

By experiencing what I did, by sharing what I know, I have paid its price. I have done my part.